… and they’re racing

Melbourne Cup is a horse race that provides a holiday in Victoria and stops the rest of the nation on the 1st Tuesday in November.

The idiomatic flavour of Banjo Paterson’s poetry captures the essence of our Australian culture... our unique humor, the beauty of the bush: the determination to help each other to survive its challenges. To be truly regarded as an Aussie it is almost a prerequisite to be able to recite at least one verse from The Man from Snowy River, and it’s difficult to read Paterson without a welling up of pride, and a yearning to be a part of this Aussie nation.

These are some of the reasons the poetry of Banjo Paterson is incorporated into the Squatter board game. “Squatter” itself and the “Tucker Bag” cards are derived from the words of Waltzing Matilda; The Stud Ram, “Lachlan Lad” comes from the poem “Clancy of the Overflow” and “Winton Boy II” is also significant.

So when it comes to Melbourne Cup Day it is fitting to ponder some of the Banjo’s horse racing stories.

The Man from Ironbark “The barber man was short and fat, as barbers mostly are, he wore a strike your fancy sash and smoked a huge cigar. He was a humorist of note and keen at repartee; he laid the odds and kept the tote - whatever that might be…

Wisdom of Hazif “My son when you go to the races to battle with Ikey and Mo, Remember, it's seldom the pigeon will peck out the eyes of a crow. Remember, they live by the business; remember my son and go slow…

Old Pardon the Son of Reprieve “And then we swooped down on Menindee, to run for the President’s Cup; Oh! That’s a sweet township - a shindy to them is board, lodging, and sup…

Lots of families sneak an extra-long weekend and nip off camping on “cup weekend”. Why not pack a game of Squatter and embellish the fun. And if you just happen to be stuck at home, then we suggest, have a game of Squatter and imagine you’re gazing “at the wond’rous glory of the everlasting stars”...more