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Tucker Bag Card – The Tractor Incidents

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Tucker Bag Card

The Tractor Incidents

Injured by tractor

Even 35 years after all new tractors being sold with roll over protection structures (ROPS), tractor incidents are still the highest cause of farm deaths and roll over is still the highest type of trac​​​​tor incident.Older tractors were not required to have a roll over bar fitted and many older farmers have are killed in tractor rollovers that could have been avoided with the addition of ROPS on their tractors.This tuckerbag card is intended to draw attention to tractor carelessness and the harshest penalty in Squatter applied. Missing two throws could put you behind by 6 months, all the while sitting on the sideline waiting for your turn.

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Playing a game of Squatter, draws attention to the many aspects of farming and reinforces the worksafe safety messages.